We are all the same, but different

Products 2019

We are all the same, but different

Substainability, regionality, individuality and fairness

This is what

WIENERLABEL stands for

For Petra greenfootprint means to produce regionally, supporting small trailor-ateliers and fair prices for customers. That´s why the first products are made in the 22nd district. Also the design for the young label and all the ideas are born in Aspern.

The draft horse WERNER. The elastic babywrap, named after Petras husband, because WienerLabel also wants to reach real viennese men.

Carrying a baby is already also a men´s topic. You can see fathers carrying their baby in a babywrap in vienna every single day. And that´s where Petra and her WienerLabel head for.

Not only families with children can find something at Petras product range. With KARL the scarf allrounder and PHILIP the logo shirt she also adresses to all the other people who love fashion and from spring 2019 there will be even more fashion for everyone.