Substainability, regionality, individuality and fairness

This is what
WIENERLABEL stands for

For Petra greenfootprint means to produce regionally, supporting small trailor-ateliers and fair prices for customers. That´s why the first products are made in the 22nd district. Also the design for the young label and all the ideas are born in Aspern.

The draft horse WERNER. The elastic babywrap, named after Petras husband, because WienerLabel also wants to reach real viennese men. Carrying a baby is already also a men´s topic. You can see fathers carrying their baby in a babywrap in vienna every single day. And that´s where Petra and her WienerLabel head for.

Not only families with children can find something at Petras product range. With KARL the scarf allrounder and PHILIP the logo shirt she also adresses to all the other people who love fashion and from spring 2019 there will be even more fashion for everyone.

Reading all that you wouldn´t believe that she is the only one in her familiy who can´t sew. Because both generations before her were tailors and for more than four decades had their own production and an own shop in the heart of the 9th district.
Late at her 30th birthday Petra got her first sewing machine and only used it exactly once.
But even if sewing isn´t Petras subject she has innumerable ideas and the strengh to organize and realize everything. She has the flair to know when it´s the perfect time to come up with something new even if her ideas come up mostly inbetween doing something else. With her own label Petra has fullfilled herself a big dream and she gave birth to her third child.


Individual – need oriented – flexible

Three words that describe me and my work perfectly. Two fantastic kids, a caring and understanding husband on my side, they support me on my way.

This gut instinct feels right – LOVE KIDS ROCK`N`ROLL


Petra, 36 years old and mother of two boys


Nice that you come over here. I am Petra, 36 years old and mother of two boys. I established großekleinewunder (which literally means big small wonder) in 2015 and now I´m where my gut instinct told me to go.
Primary I come from a complete different professional direction because I used to work in the economic sector. Deep inside of me I always knew, that I belong somewhere else, but how life works I needed special circumstances to have enough courage to go my own way.

The birth of my first child, which ended with an emergency c-section, and the birth of my second child, complete converse a home birth, which wouldn´t have been possible without the experiences I made at the first birth. Incidents and experiences change us, make us stronger.
At least for me thats what happened. So I began to change and startet to make an education as an family companion. What I learnd at that time about babies first years, sleep, crying, development, sibling constellation, nut connection,… everything leaves marks on my work and has impact on yoga lessons, babywearing advices or conversations after my MamaFit workouts.

Once I startet my further education I was motivated to go on and soon found out what I really want. So I made my education as a pre- and postnatal Yogateacher, as babywear consultant, siblings course leader, babymassage course leader, kids and family yoga teacher and MamaFit trainer. And I started to love what I am doing for a living.

I can give you the all-round package for your pregnancy and afterwards. Wearing advice for babywraps, sling and carrier. With my own brand WIENERLABEL I fullfilled myself a dream – in my shop you can find great products which are produced regionally.